Paintball & Laser Battles for all Ages

 Laser skirmish is on each side of town, and therefore you don't need to go too far to locate the fields. Laser Skirmish is an enjoyable and thrilling activity. It allows the children to run around and have fun. Above all, make certain you take part in a battle that does not leave you bruised or battered.

Laser Tag has the similar essential principles as the traditionally common tag game. Laser Tag is only fun for those kids and fun for you. Laser tag at home is a huge alternative for your children and their buddies.

Our purpose is to make an experience which is among those handful of unforgettable times. It is to do business with people who believe what we believe. It's all up to your team to find out your strategy. The game is appropriate for all ages over 6 decades and attracts both young kids and adults searching for an exciting experience. Laser Skirmish games are offered from 9am to 3.30pm, seven days each week. It there are enough players you're able to divide them up into three or four teams. In case you are not able to discover players, register with us and we can help in building teams.

Laser Tag Games


There are many methods to play zombie tag. Laser tag is an enjoyable, physically active sport which you will love, with as much as 30 players joining the action. It is the perfect activity for everyone and just about anyone can play! It is not just for the kids anymore. Laser tag at home is a superb alternative for your children and their buddies.


The tournament style game play is excellent for any sort of birthday party you are thinking about throwing. You may also play various conventional laser tag games in a sizable arena with various goals. As an extra bonus, players are usually having such a wonderful time they play several times, and would like to come to your future events. It there are enough players you are able to divide them up into three or four teams.

Some things are crucial to understand, when you've resolved to play the sport. During the summertime, the correct gear and intensity that paintball requires can occasionally be a bit much with the heat. It is likewise highly suggested to put on a helmet.