Keep Kids Safe During Home-Work

kids and remodellingThere are so many potential hazards that hide beneath the curiosity of the children, especially when you ask them to stay away from the hazardous things. Safety should be considered as the most important part of home renovation system. It is your responsibility to take the suitable measures to keep your kids away from the harmful things when they are living in the house that is under renovation or remodeling. If the kids are old enough to understand, parents must really talk to the kids and explain them about the harms of being closer to the harmful objects.

Following are a few guidelines that every parent should consider for the safety of the kids while their homes are going through renovation or remodeling process:

  • Set the house rules

It becomes difficult for kids to adapt the home that is under process of remodeling as it restricts them to many areas and they might even stay away from their favorite zones. To help the kids feel as comfortable as possible, parents need to develop a roadmap with their contractors that focus on creating a step by step action so that the kids do not need to leave all their comfortable areas at once. Parents can also make the kids aware by putting signs or small boards near the hazardous areas.

  • Mind the air

Renovations can expose harmful materials such as asbestos. Asbestos can be a fatal substance if it is broken in any way, if you discover asbestos while doing a home renovation, you should call a contractor that does professional asbestos disposal in Sydney to inspect and remove any harmful asbestos materials.

  • Mind the air

Most of the people, including both children and adults are sensitive to the dust and other pollutants that ascends during remodeling. To avoid health hazards caused due to the bad quality of air, parents can try sealing off the HVAC ducting and vents in the area, hang plastic sheets, use disposable clothing curtains, or decide over a clean house exercise at regular intervals.

  • Monitor the tools

Many toys have similar structures and buttons to that of powerful tools that used by mechanics or machinists in the construction process. You can imagine the havoc that will be caused if any kid accidently pushes any colorful button on an electronic device. To avoid such havocs, parents should ask the contactors to keep their tools covered and in off position when not in use.

  • Monitor the unfinished and incomplete areas

It may seem fine for a kid to enter a room with a few funny things here and there, but those few funny things can actually be a part of unfinished area in your house that may prove out to be fatal and dangerous.

Getting the Right Bali Hut for Your Home

Bali Huts are a beautiful additional to your backyard.  It’s a slice of the tropics that you can bring to your own home.

How do you avoid buying the wrong hut so your pleasure doesn’t turn into pain?  It’s the internet.  It’s hard to know who to buy from or what exactly to look for because every picture is beautiful, right?


Within a few minutes, you will know how to avoid the Bali Huts you don’t want and find the ones you do.

Here are 7 ways to avoid the Bali Hut Scam:

  1. Not all Bali Huts are created equal!  Many people have found that some of the oversea suppliers give you something that is different from what you actually bought.  The rafters are thinner, the crown is much smaller, thatch space was thinner, the wood has been painted and not stained and the fasteners were flimsy.Make sure you research suppliers first.  Get into the forums and hear what people have to say about certain suppliers.  If people are unhappy, you will hear about it.  Look for a Bali Hut that has a lot of feedback on various forums.  Email the company and ask questions.  Make sure all the specs add up.
  2. Don’t just go for cheapest price.  You want a Bali Hut that is big enough for all your future needs.  Think about parties and holidays.  You want enough room to comfortably fit around 4 people at one time.You also want to anticipate future needs.  There may be a point that you would like to add a spa in your Bali Hut.  Anticipate up – not down – for your space needs.
  3. Cheaper often means shortcuts are taken somewhere.  Cost of labor, materials and production are just about the same no matter if you are a one-man dealer or have a corporation.  Ask yourself if you are willing to risk lower quality and shortcuts.
  4. Don’t buy into the Grade A or B thatch sales tactics.  There are no real standards to be able to have the quality control in place inside the Indonesian industry.Look for a company that puts their own quality control measures in place.  Make sure that the thatch is appraised to meet a good company standard before and after shipping.  Having a clean dry environment that stores your thatch before shipping to you is important.
  5. Low maintenance doesn’t always mean better, especially if your Bali Hut has to be replaced in 2-4 years.  Look for 100% Money back guarantee, Rot free guarantees, and Rust proof hardware.
  6. DIYs could spell disaster.  You can build one from scratch but what you can find locally will not be the standard that you need for your Bali Hut.Professional Bali Huts are constructed to withstand the forces of nature and last long into the future.  It’s not worth the stress; leave it to the professionals.
  7. Beware of experts with bali huts for sale and instead look for specialists.  Your local doctor could help you with an achy tooth but you wouldn’t go to him for that.  You want a dentist; someone that lives and breathes his profession, right? 


Stick to the specialists that live and breathe their Bali Huts like Aaron Outdoor Living!


You now know what you need to look for when buying a Bali Hut.  This will help reduce your chances of buying something that you are either unhappy with or that does not meet your high quality standards.

There are so many different bali huts for sale on the market today, follow our tips so that you don’t end buying something that doesn’t suit your purposes or something of inferior quality.

If you do decide to get a bali hut make sure you maintain it correctly:

  1. Keep it dry

There are two things that can immensely shorten the lifespan of your bali hut – prolonged exposure to moisture and fungi. Moisture provides for a good environment for the growth of fungi which destroys the native materials of the hut, thus it is a must to keep your hut dry.

Of course it is impossible to restrict rainclouds from crossing over your sky, but you can help ensure that your bali hut gets the right amount of sunlight (if available) and it’s not obstructed by trees or bushes.

Also, the slope or inclination angle of your roof will protect it from storms and help drain off the rainwater faster. For rainy areas, above 50° inclination angle is advised to make it survive heavy storms better.


  1. Keep it clean and neat

Manual cleaning of the roof should be done to remove loose material, fallen leaves, moss and other stuff piled on your roof. These materials trap water and moisture providing for fungal growth.

In the process of cleaning, check for holes and loosened thatch. Uncomplicated holes with no underlying problems, can easily be fixed. Loosened sections can be secured back up to their fixings in the process of “dressing-up”.


  1. Keep it fungi free

Keeping it dry does not drive the fungi away for life. Fungicides must be applied to help keep the thatch dry and kill fungi and spores. Spraying fungicides must be kept on schedule to extend the lifespan of your bali hut for another 10 to 15 years.

Quaternary ammonium compounds are the best choice in killing off fungi. Quats also serve as wood preservative and curative which gives your thatched roof that beautiful sheen. Application should be done on a dry day (preferably 15°C). Using a spray gun, soak the roof with the chemical (1L per square meter) and leave on for 30 minutes for maximum absorption. You made have to reapply to keep the reeds wet, especially on a very hot day.



Designing the Perfect Outdoor Space

Transform Your Backyard into an Outdoor Lifestyle Landscape!


If you love spending time outdoors and hosting events in your backyard, having a plain, boring outdoor landscape can be a real downer! Choosing the right landscaping design to create the ideal atmosphere in your backyard can be difficult; so much so that we often forget to think about the basics and jump right into purchases and constructions that we may end up regretting in the long run! The exciting part will come later, and will be much more fulfilling once you’ve taken the time to consider the following crucial points to kick-starting any landscaping projects:


  • Space and Size

Think about how much of your backyard you’re willing to experiment on in order to create the perfect outdoor lifestyle landscape. Would you like to make over your entire backyard or only a section of it? Something to consider here is your current use of the space and if you would like to keep some sections for your pets, exercise or various hobbies, etc. You don’t want to end up with a fantastic landscape in which you can barely do anything but entertain guests. Make sure you let your landscaping designer know how you plan to use your entire backyard, so important points aren’t left forgotten!

Space Outdoor Design

  • Purpose and Theme

Once you’ve decided on how much space you would like to devote to your new features, think about what sort of activities you would like to be able to do within that space. Thinking about how you will use the area also helps you envision what sort of theme you would like it to have. Looking through magazines, catalogues and various online sources can help guide you through this creative process; at the very least you will have a clearer idea about you do or do not like!

When choosing a theme, it’s important to consider not only the size and space allocated to the project, but also how well the theme will fit in with the rest of your house and landscape. Mixing up styles, for example having a traditional English garden in front of a house in the art-deco style may result in a rather awkward look!

Keep in mind how much time you’re willing to spend on maintenance and upkeep when choosing a theme. Themes come with various equipment and features, so if your theme requires a pool, think about whether you’re willing to deal with the upkeep of the pool in order to keep it in good condition!


  • Budget and Time

Deciding on a budget will help you to avoid spending too much on some items at the cost of ignoring or not having enough money to spend on others. If you need something done quickly, make sure you mention this to your landscaping designers, who will let you know approximately how much time each of the features you’re considering may take to build. Inform your landscaping designers of your time frame and budget and how much you’re willing to invest in your outdoor landscape. Your designers will be sure to come up with some wonderful, creative ideas that will turn your backyard into a fabulous outdoor lifestyle landscape that you will be proud of!


Spending time outdoors can be great fun; the perfect landscaping design will ensure you can make the most out of your backyard!